Hi, I’m Laura, I am a personal trainer, MNU Certified Nutritionist and founder of WeAreFearless.

The WeAreFearless mission is simple. Through my online fitness coaching, run coaching, certified nutritional advice services and the WeAreFearless community, I want to help you realise how brave and how capable you truly are. As a member of the WeAreFearless club you will have access to an experienced coach (that’s me) and a community that will encourage and inspire you to move your body in ways which make you feel happy, whilst also improving both your physical and mental health.

Perhaps most importantly, I am here to help you repair your relationships with food and with your body.

To help you realise that nothing sustainable will ever come from a place of self loathing.

In addition to WeAreFearless club membership I also offer individual, bespoke online fitness plans, coaching for new and experienced runners and nutritional advice on a monthly basis.

Learn more about WeAreFearless membership, bespoke online fitness coaching, run coaching and MNU certified nutritional services.

“It’s not really about what Laura does. It’s about how she makes you feel”.

Chrissy, WeAreFearless Member since 2018

Why join WeAreFearless Club

I have spent over 20 years struggling with my weight, trapped in a relentless cycle of binge eating and dieting. I knew it needed to stop if I was going to be truly happy. Find out more about my journey to knowing I am brave, capable and fearless.