The WeAreFearless community is incredible, and seeing our team grow from strength to strength is a joy and privilege to watch. But don’t just take our word for it, read our client success stories, and let them tell you in their own words what it means to be fearless.

I love having the structure that Laura’s plans give and the unwavering support she gives. She’s always got your back and she’s never judgmental. She knows how hard it can be. She is always offers tips and advice if your struggling with sessions or nutrition. Since working with Laura I feel I have becoming stronger and the weight isn’t just the only thing I focus on. It’s the bigger picture. I remember when she set me an 8 mile run in one of my plans and I had a little wobble about doing it, she reassured me and made me realise I could do it. To be brave. To be fearless. And of course I did it!

I love the community feel that being in Laura’s team offers. Laura is often there with a kind, funny or a supportive word, but there’s an army of other women too who are cheering you on. We’re all at different stages and on paths but we all support each other fiercely. Not just with running but life in general. I’m really pleased I made contact with Laura. I feel like I have a focus and a guardian angel looking out for me.

Steph, member since 2019

Laura’s nutrition package is amazing! I needed some help to get back on track with my nutrition after a few bad months! Laura gave me a suggested eating plan and some delicious high protein recipes as well as some strength exercises. Laura has changed my eating habits for the better, I have more energy, feel stronger, fitter and I have lost a few pounds! Laura is very friendly and supportive, she checks in with me weekly to see how my week has been, this helps to keep me motivated. I highly recommend Laura for anyone that needs help with their nutrition.

Louise, Nutritional Services Client

Laura has helped me to become physically and mentally stronger, to believe in myself and to believe that anything is possible. Her running, fitness and nutritional coaching plans have all helped me to understand what I need to do to improve and become the best version of me.

The most important thing that Laura offers is her own insatiable desire to help, nothing is too much and her belief in her clients is so empowering
Being part of Team fearless has made me a better person, a better mother and I know I always have support and love from an incredible team.

Chrissy, Member since 2019

It is a year since I contacted Laura about on-line running coaching. I saw on social media how her hard work had got her from a 2hour 21 minute to 1hour 49 minute half marathon time and as I was at around the 2 hour 20 at the time I was inspired. Also, I could see that this lady had a healthy glow and a zest for life and who doesn’t want to be a part of that!?

One of the great things about having Laura’s coaching over the past year is how she has adapted my programme to fit it in with my life and work patterns. The varied training plans mean that I will always do something and feel good about it. Laura is always very enabling with her plans and her positive attitude ensures that you do not give up. I have been focussing on shorter distances recently but I have not lost sight of that 2 hour half marathon time and know that when I have more time that Laura is the person to help me to achieve it! Thank you Laura.

Catherine, Member since 2019

I had previously loved to run and had completed a half marathon but felt following an injury to my knee that my running days, especially long-distance running were over. A friend, who was already a long-standing member of the WeAreFearless community told me all about Laura and spoke very highly of her experience within the team.

Having signed up to complete the 3 Peaks Challenge in 24 hrs in 2021 I knew I needed some help so I took the plunge and messaged Laura. She was immediately encouraging and we discussed setting goals to work towards.

Joining the community I have discovered an amazing group of supportive, honest and encouraging ladies. I quickly found myself loving my plan and to my surprise felt fitter and stronger within weeks.

My fitness has improved so much that I recently walked up Pen Y Fan mountain, I can comfortably cycle 30 miles and I have in the last few weeks managed an 11-mile run .

Next year I have a place in the London 2021 marathon and an Ultra run to look forward to. I would never have felt that I could achieve any of what I have and what I’m planning to do without the support and encouragement of Laura and our amazing team.

Being fearless to me means having a go no matter what your mind is telling you, it’s knowing that your body is capable of anything and not being afraid to test its capabilities.

Lindsay, Member since May 2020

Laura has taught me to love strength sessions and actually made me realise that I don’t need to run long distances every run I do. I never thought I’d say this but I love interval sessions, even the ones with hills as I know these are making me a stronger runner. Laura never judges if you don’t complete every session as she understands that life can sometimes get in the way, I always feel like I can be honest with her.

Working with Laura has given me real insight into nutrition and I have learned not to punish myself and for that, I love her. 

Jenna, Member since 2019

Although my time with Laura has been short there has been vast improvements with my nutrition and health. I have rekindled my love for cooking and have enjoyed making new recipes and improving old ones. Nutrition is key with being a diabetic and Laura has given me some guidance in how to make little changes that have had a big effect on my sugar levels. I have reduced my insulin usage to just my evening meal and an overnight dose.

My fitness levels have increased and as a happy consequence I have lost weight and have become physically and mentally stronger. Laura’s coaching has shown me what my body and mind are capable of with a few but simple changes in my life.

Hayley, Member since 2020

When I look back at that initial message I sent Laura, a lot has changed since then. At the time, my weight was going up and up (I was about 19 stone), I felt like I’d never make a good eating decision ever again, and I was too ashamed and embarrassed to go out for a run.

It hasn’t happen overnight, but slowly and surely, with Laura’s help, my attitude to food and exercise is changing. After a really exciting first few months of working together, in August, I hurt my back, and it threw me a bit. In the past, this would have been the trigger for me to go off the rails and end up in a pretty miserable place again. But that didn’t happen. With the support of Laura and the #wearefearless team, I kept a degree of focus, controlled what I could, and as of mid-November I’m back running, thinking about challenges and ready to face the Winter feeling strong.

I haven’t weighed myself in months, because that is no longer how I want to measure my success. I am stronger, feeling slimmer and no longer knocked off course by one disappointing weigh-in.

I didn’t realise at the start how much of an amazing, positive space WeAreFearless would be. I share my victories and my challenges and get huge amounts of inspiration from my team mates who share their stories too. I have never witnessed such a perfect example of women uplifting each other.

Jill, Member since May 2020

I met Laura when I was feeling very low, I got out of breathe when I hoovered the stairs, I knew this wasn’t the example I wanted to set to my two children, so when I saw a #laurajonesfitness on a family members run post, I thought why not try?

I’d tried everything cabbage soup, milkshakes all the slimming groups, they all worked great, I’d lose 3 stone , become unhappy again and pile it all again feeling worse than when I started, in all honestly when I joined Laura I didn’t for one minute think I would ever lose any weight and I definitely didn’t think I would ever be able to run past one minute.

Laura was so welcoming she made me feel I could do anything, my plans started of slowly so I could work my way up to 5 km and a park run, I won’t lie my first run was awful, but I kept lacing my trainers and sticking to my plan set by Laura , and you know what, I just finished my first half marathon, less than a year later.

The numbers on the scales mean nothing to me now, I only work towards setting a good example for my children and beating myself from last week, the WeAreFearless community are angels and with there daily support you truly feel #fearless!

Gemma, Member since 2019

I decided to enter the Brighton Marathon to raise money for the Gloucester Neo Natal unit which at that time was a huge part of my life. Initially, it was all about raising as much money as possible and just getting myself round after not running for three years. However, due to the pandemic, it was cancelled and running became harder so I contacted Laura.

For me, Laura is someone who is very relatable. She is extremely knowledgable on running and nutrition but also she is real. She understands that children, work and life can sometimes take over; sometimes, you feel shattered; yet, she has this incredible manner of one text and suddenly you’ve got your trainers on and you are outside and it’s actually the best thing needed at that time.

The plans that Laura sends through are thorough and very easy to understand. It’s so nice to go out for a run with an aim and a target and something which you are working towards followed by strength training. Within the first month, my 5k time was already quicker by over a minute!

It’s hard to keep motivated at the moment due to lockdowns but you are never on your own with #laurasangels. There is a WhatsApp group of phenomenal support. Everyone with their own reasons for why they run. Different ages, different personal set ups yet one common interest and they are just a lovely bunch!

I now go out and run. I’m now not scared of stopping or having a cheeky a little walk if I need one because I am going faster; I am pushing myself harder and I now have confidence. I would now even call myself a runner: that to me is fearless.

Donna, Member since 2020

Having plateaued in both weight and training after having my second child, I started out with a small weight loss goal and priority on building strength and endurance. Typically plagued by injury (in varying places!) and having regular breaks from training for recovery, my prior progress was slow and frustrating. Since starting with Laura, I have remained injury free and can see a noticeable difference in not only my body and fit of my clothes, but I am running/riding for longer and progressing with the strength training week on week. Yes, there has been a steady few kilos weight loss – a happy by product of the training – but also a noticeable difference in my own wellbeing. To clarify; there are still aches and pains and the odd tight hamstring, but it is safe to say these are mostly age/fatigue related!

As an online client living overseas, Laura took into consideration a number of factors for my training including; accessibility to outdoor running and cycling (the last six months have been the hottest of the year), no access to swimming (#COVID), managing working from home, studying/uni deadlines, time differences and the needs of two children. In addition to this, Laura has accommodated virtual PT to keep my form on track and prevent injury.

Laura’s approach to your training comes from the most genuine of places and this is clear in everything she does. From training plans to work around your personal circumstances, to making herself available for a quick check in or ‘boost’ when you need one, Laura cares deeply about helping you meet your goals and most importantly, about how you feel along the way:

Me: ‘Hey coach, struggling to fit in some sessions. Have managed two runs and an upper body.’
Laura: ‘Don’t beat yourself up – it’s life!….use what time you have, do what you can.’
Me: ‘That’s it. I can’t do planks. Planks are S@#$.’
Laura: ‘Welcome to ‘No Planks September!’’
Me: ‘That strength session looks insane!….Opted for ice cream and a dog walk instead – scheduled for tomorrow.’
Laura: ‘You got this!’

To sum up…this woman will be your champion if you let her. She has been mine for longer than the afore mentioned six months and I have no intention of changing that any time soon.

Amy, Member since June 2020