The boring, but also really important bit…

Terms & Conditions

Health & Safety

We aim to offer plans and exercise sessions for people of all abilities. You are responsible for your own health and safety and for ensuring that you are suitably fit and well to participate safely in any WeAreFearless sessions. 

If you answer yes to any of the following questions you should consult your doctor prior to commencing any new exercise plan:

  • Have you ever had a heart condition or pain in your chest whilst exercising?
  • Do you take medication for your blood pressure or a heart condition?
  • Do you ever lose your balance because of dizziness or lose consciousness?
  • Do you have any bone or joint problems which are worsened by exercise?
  • Are you currently pregnant or have you recently given birth?

By downloading a WeAreFearless coaching plan or streaming a workout you are confirming that you have read and understood this information and that you are confirming your suitability to participate. You are also confirming that you are voluntarily engaging in a level of exercise which is suitable for your abilities and that you do so at your own risk. WeAreFearless accepts no liability for any injuries sustained during participation in any of our plans or sessions.

It is essential that you complete a thorough warm up before beginning exercise – raise your heartbeat gradually and mobilise your joints with some dynamic stretches. After your session always complete a cool down to allow your body to return to it’s pre-exercise state gradually.

Before beginning any exercise, please ensure that you are wearing suitable clothing and footwear – consider that you may need reflective or high-vis clothing and a head / chest torch if you are running or exercising outside in the mornings or evenings. 

Hydrate before and during sessions and stop exercise immediately if you feel unwell. Declare any injuries or illnesses to your coach and, if necessary, a qualified medical professional as soon as possible. 

Be responsible regarding your safety – if you are running alone inform someone of your route or take a mobile phone with you.

Data Protection

Any personal details collected by WeAreFearless will be shared with partner organisations and consultants only for the purposes of organising and delivering our training plans. Any medical data collected will not be shared except if it is necessary to allow for medical assistance to be given during a training session. 

By joining our community, you confirm that your personal information and data may be used by WeAreFearless and our partner organisations and consultants for the purpose of statistical analysis and to monitor / improve health and safety procedures.

You agree that your name and contact details may be used by WeAreFearless for the purposes of the promotion and marketing of our products and services. Your details will be added to a mailing list to keep you informed of new services or events which might be of interest (you may unsubscribe at any time by emailing 

Your personal information will not be used or reproduced in whole or in any part for any purposes other than those outlined above. 

Monthly Coaching Plans

WeAreFearless will provide 4-week training plans unless expressly agreed otherwise. Your plan will be available in your log-in area of the website by Sunday prior to commencement of the plan on Monday.

If necessary, amendments to your plan can be agreed and made at any point during the month. Please email or contact Laura via WhatsApp to discuss.


Payments for monthly training or WeAreFearless club membership are made in advance and are per calendar month. 

If you are unable to make your monthly payment please contact us in confidence to discuss. We will always do our best to help. 


If you wish to cancel your club membership you may do so with immediate effect and your membership of the Facebook group will cease at the end of the month. 

We kindly ask monthly coaching clients to give one month notice of their intended cancellation. 

WeAreFearless offer a 14-day cooling off period for new clients. If you are not satisfied with your coaching or if your circumstances change within 14 days of commencement of your plan you may request a full refund. 

WeAreFearless also reserves the right to cancel a monthly coaching plan within 14 days of commencement without having to give a reason. A full refund will be issued promptly in this event.

If WeAreFearless have reason to cancel your plan at any time, one week’s notice will be provided and you will either receive any coaching plans already paid for or you will receive a full and prompt refund.