Professional run coaching to help you achieve your true potential

The single most important thing for me as a professional running coach is to really get to know you. Your lifestyle, your family, your running history, about your goals, whether you have ever run before, if you have events in mind and about your experience and knowledge of strength training.

Using this insight, I’ll then create a personalised and professional training plan which will help you become a strong runner and achieve your goals. It will be designed with you in mind, to give you the very best chance of achieving your goals. A typical weeks plan might include 3 run sessions a week and 2 strength sessions – tailored to your experience and availability of equipment.

In addition to your exercise plan, as a qualified nutritionist, I will also offer guidance on diet and fuelling and of course you will have access to all the recipes and resources in WeAreFearless Club.

Regular check-ins with me are included. I want you to feel supported, you don’t just get a plan, you get me. There may even be times where you and I agree that a daily check in would be beneficial and at other times we might decide to catch up weekly or fortnightly. You are unique, your plan will be unique and your relationship with me will be unique. I usually use WhatsApp to keep in touch with coaching clients and you can message me as often as necessary.

Monthly coaching clients also have access to a team WhatsApp group which is incredibly supportive, encouraging and inspiring.

We keep it simple at WeAreFearless. We don’t do contracts and we don’t do set up fees. You can choose to stay for 1 month or 5 years. We’re just here to help you realise your true potential, to know you are capable.

Included with your professional running coach plan:

  • Personalised training plan

  • Regular communication

  • Race strategy sessions

  • Expert advice on cross training and injury prevention

  • Advice on how to fuel your training

  • Access to the WeAreFearless private community

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Getting to know each other is really important for this to work. If you’re ready, or want to know more, let’s set up a call. For the record, this is a zero pressure call, I won’t pull any hard sell tactics I promise. Let’s just talk and see if I can help you as your running coach.