Personal fitness coaching that makes you feel your best

With monthly personal fitness coaching from WeAreFearless, you can think of me as your trainer in your pocket. Whether you’re an experienced gym goer or a complete beginner. Whether you’re looking for support and guidance to help you get fitter or stronger. Or if you just need someone to provide some accountability and help you find the love of it again, I can help.

There are plenty of personal trainers, or PT’s, out there who will ‘beast’ you or make you ‘feel the burn’ – that’s all well and good, but for most people it makes them dread going to the gym or working out. My approach to personal fitness coaching is different. I believe that if you enjoy how you move, you’ll want to do it more and therefore you naturally become stronger outside and more confident inside.

I will spend time getting to know you, learning about your life, your family, your work and your interests. We’ll look at your goals together, your access to equipment and your experience and knowledge of strength training.

Your personalised fitness plan will be designed with you in mind, to give you the very best chance of achieving your goals. A typical plan might include a mix of cardiovascular training, some HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) and strength sessions – all tailored to your experience and availability of equipment. Don’t worry if you don’t have any equipment, you can achieve a lot just through body weight alone.

In addition to your exercise plan, as a qualified nutritionist, I can offer you guidance on diet and fueling to make sure you get the most out of your training. Plus you will have access to a library of recipes and resources and your own personal cheer squad from the WeAreFearless community.

Regular check-ins with me are included to make sure you are supported in your fitness journey. We can agree how often to keep in touch, and there might be times where we feel a daily check-in is needed. Other times we might decide to catch up weekly or fortnightly. You are unique, your personal fitness coaching plan will be unique and your relationship with me will be unique. WhatsApp is usually my go to form of communication and you can message me as often as necessary.

Monthly coaching clients also have access to a team WhatsApp and private facebook group which is incredibly supportive, encouraging and inspiring.

Included in your monthly personal training plan:

  • Personalised training plan

  • Regular communication

  • Sport specific strength training

  • Expert advice on injury prevention

  • Advice on how to fuel your training

  • Access to the WeAreFearless private community

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Does this approach sound good to you? If the answer is yes, or ‘maybe’ then let’s set up a call. And just for the record, I won’t put any pressure on you to ‘buy’, I promise. Let’s talk and see if I can help you as your personal trainer.