Here’s everything you need to know about WeAreFearless Club. If our FAQ’s don’t answer your question, you can still get in touch and talk to a real human.

What is WeAreFearless Club?2020-11-18T10:13:08+00:00

WeAreFearless was set up by Laura Jones, qualified PT, MNU certified nutritionist and mum who wanted to create a safe and encouraging community to show people that they are brave, capable and fearless. Through expert coaching you will feel inspired to move your body in ways which make you feel happy. Read more about Laura here.

What does membership of WeAreFearless club include?2020-11-18T10:15:04+00:00

In addition to access to the group support and community you will also be able to choose from hundreds of recipes and a variety of ‘pick and mix’ workouts. There are regular question and answer sessions, challenges and, starting in 2021 (pending social distancing rules and guidelines) we hope to be able to coordinate group meet ups all over the UK.

If you’re a runner or an aspiring runner, you’ll find various downloadable plans within the members area. From couch to 5k to marathon improvers plans. 

What does membership of WeAreFearless club cost?2020-12-14T20:39:40+00:00

Traditionally fitness and nutritional coaching has been seen as a luxury. It shouldn’t be. Your mental and physical health matters. YOU matter.

Did you know that moving (exercise) can help improve mental health by reducing anxiety, depression, and negative moods and can have a positive effect on self-esteem and cognitive function. 

Busy people, especially working parents, very rarely put themselves first. Yet, many of our clients tell us that when they feel good, those around them feel good too because those positive vibes radiate and become infectious.  

Check out the costs on our pricing page, we’ve made sure there is a fitness coaching plan and/or nutritional advice for everyone depending on what you are personally looking for. 

I’m a beginner, is WeAreFearless suitable for me?2020-11-18T10:26:56+00:00

Absolutely. If you opt for club membership you will find enormous amounts of support within the group and lots of workouts designed for beginners. If you are interested in individual coaching then your plan will be tailored to your ability and level of fitness.

Do I have to be based in the UK?2020-11-18T10:27:31+00:00

Not at all. You can be Fearless anywhere in the world… you just need internet access.

Is Gym access necessary?2020-11-18T10:27:53+00:00

Definitely not. Many of the WeAreFearless club workouts are bodyweight only so no equipment is needed, others use minimal equipment – in the main a set of dumbbells, a kettlebell and resistance bands is sufficient.

Do I have to run?2020-12-14T20:48:39+00:00

No you don’t.  Many of the WeAreFearless club members are runners but it is not a requirement, in fact many of our members prefer to combine walking, cycling or swimming with their strength training.

I’m interested in individual coaching, how much support can I expect?2020-12-14T20:44:38+00:00

To put it simply; as much as you need. There may be times where a daily check-in would be beneficial and at other times weekly check-ins work. You are unique and this will be reflected in your plan. WhatsApp is the method used to keep in touch with coaching clients and you can message as often as necessary. The only thing is, please don’t expect an immediate reply, especially if you message at 3am.

I have specific dietary requirements, will the recipes be suitable for me?2020-12-14T20:46:52+00:00

Almost certainly yes, there are lots of vegan, vegetarian and gluten free recipes, please feel free to contact us if you’d like to discuss your particular requirements in more detail before signing up. 

What is your cancellation policy?2020-11-18T10:32:01+00:00

WeAreFearless club membership can be cancelled at any time just by sending an email. Individual coaching clients are asked to give one month’s notice of cancellation.


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