The Tech and Trainer Exchange

Welcome to the Fearless Tech & Trainer Exchange.

Firstly, whether you’re here because you’d like to make a donation or here because you need a hand; THANK YOU. Thank you for your generosity if you’re sending us something and thank you for allowing us to help if you’re here because you need something.

I hope that this initiative will help lots and lots of people. There is no qualifying criteria for making a request and needless to say, all details will remain completely confidential unless you choose to share.

Actually the most difficult part of this scheme will not be gathering donations, it will be convincing people to ask for what they need. So please, help me to spread the word. Tell your friends, tell your running club and share on social media. Thank you.

Laura xx

I Want to Donate Something

I Need Something

Please note, items will be posted 2nd class Royal Mail.
I can not accept responsibility for any items lost or damaged in the post.
GDPR statement WeAreFearless will only use the address and emails collected as part of the Fearless Tech and Trainer exchange for the purpose of fullfilling the exchange. Once items are posted and recieved personal details will be deleted. WeAreFearless will not pass any personal details onto any third parties.